what different types of outdoor shelters are there

If you are planning a time out with your friends for camping, then you surely understand the need for outdoor shelters. After traveling a long distance, you would like to install retractable patio awnings or outdoor shelters to make yourself comfortable and relax with your friends. A large variety of them is available to take benefits. These different retractable patio awnings are:


This is the most commonly used outdoor shelter that people opt for tracking or camping. It is spacious and can be built easily without any hassle.

Round Lodge:

Long tree barks are used to make this setting. Tree barks are arranged in the round and the central part is covered with a tent.

The Tarp:

To make a tarp, you need an extensive cloth that will be fixed from all sides to the trees making four corners. You require some screws and hammers to fix the cloth properly.

Your friends or group members must be proficient enough to make arrangement quickly. This will save your time and you can thoroughly enjoy your time. You will have ample time for relaxation and tracking or camping at the same time.

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